Not just A stroke of good luck
The year was 1996. The month was February.
The Tour stop that Iek was the Nissan Los Angeles Open. At the time, Kevin Burns had been crafting some of the finest, precision-milled one-piece putters in the golf industry for more than three years. Despite this, he was still relatively unknown and was struggling to break into the golf-manufacturing scene. That all changed magically, hoIver, when Craig Stadler walked off the 72nd hole at Riviera that memorable Iek with the championship in hand. You see, when the television cameras zoomed in on Stadler's putter, as he crouched over his final stroke, millions of vieIrs saw the words Kevin Burns jump onto their television screens. Stadler won the event using a Kevin Burns Signature Series 9304 putter.

Today, Kevin Burns Signature Series Putters can be found in 4 to 10 golf bags each Iek on Tour. In fact, during the last five seasons, KB Golf putters have picked up 25 victories worldwide. That's pretty impressive when you consider that

KB Golf started in '89 in a small garage in Mountain View, California, as a club repair company. In 1991, Burns shifted his attention to designing putters. Frustrated that he wasn't getting the quality and craftsmanship he desired as a result of contracting out the manufacturing of his putters, Burns decided to use the money he and his wife had saved for a home and bought his first milling machine in '93. A few months later, the 9301 was born. Burns was now able to create and capture his artistry and perfection and mold it from a single billet of steel.

Today, KB Golf has more than 10 putter models to choose from. All KB Golf putters incorporate the optimum level of design and feel. These putters are precision crafted to the highest tolerances, using carefully detailed techniques. Since day one, Kevin Burns has made his philosophy clear: "Never sacrifice quality for quantity." It is this type of genuine commitment that has helped build one of the strongest reputations in the golf manufacturing industry today...

Kevin Burns
Signature Series
"Our strongest selling point is our commitment to make the finest quality putters on the market today"
- Kevin Burns.

KB Golf does not pay anyone to use its putters. "I don't want guys who only care about money," explains Kevin Burns. "I want golfers who want to play with a great product that will help their game. I want people who like what I do. When you pay someone to use a certain product, it doesn't necessarily mean that they like it. Any big company can get someone to use their clubs if they pay them enough. When you don't pay, you actually attract the best players because they don't need endorsement deals to earn a living. Our strongest selling point is our commitment to make the finest quality putters on the market today."

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