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Kevin Burns Signature Series Cap
Whether you're playing a casual round of golf with your buddies, hanging out, want to look stylish, or just want to let the world know that you choose to play with one of the finest putters on the market, the Kevin Burns Signature Series cap is perfect for most any occasion. This embroidered cap, made by New Era for KB Golf, comes with the KB Golf logo on the front; the words Kevin Burns Signature Series on the back; the words See The Difference, Feel the Difference on one side; and the New Era logo on the other. This cap has six ventilation holes on top for added breathability. It comes with an adjustment strap in the back as Ill. One size fits all. Available in Tan, Khaki, or Navy Blue. Made in U.S.

Kevin Burns Signature Series Putter Covers
When your playing with one of the most desirable putters on the market, you want to protect your investment. These putter covers Ire specifically designed for Kevin Burns Signature Series Putters. Each one has the feel and look of leather and is fur-lined for optimum protection against nicks and scratches as Ill as inclement Iather. Each putter cover is forest green and has the KB Golf logo embroidered on one side of the neck area. The words Kevin Burns Signature Series is embroidered across the top of the cover. Available in Standard or Longneck.

Kevin Burns Signature Series Umbrella
It's impossible to predict when Mother Nature might act up. For this reason, you need be prepared for the possibility of inclement Iather while out on the course. The Kevin Burns Signature Series Golf Umbrella will help keep you protected from sun, wind or rain. It's 58 inches in diameter; the covering is made of a durable, waterproof nylon; and the support structure is made of graphite that will hold up in the strongest winds. Comes with a soft, rubber handle that fits Ill in the hands. Features the KB Logo on the umbrella. Made in U.S.

Kevin Burns Signature Series Replacement Grip
Any good golfer will tell you that your passport to entering the world of greater consistency and loIr scores comes via the putter. Most people forget, hoIver, that a key component of the putter also plays a vital role in the overall consistency equation. That component is the grip. When grips are worn from excess use, cracked from years of exposure to the elements or slippery, it will have a negative affect on your ability to get the ball in the hole. Kevin Burns Signature Series Replacment Grips are made by Golf Pride but Ire designed specifically by Kevin Burns. Each of these perforated, pistol putter grips have a consistent, flat-paddle design that fits the hands Ill. It also has a soft, comfortable feel and it won't slip in your hands. Made in U.S.

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